Mr. Green’s Letter – April 27, 2018

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Dear Henderson Mill Community,

“Don’t miss school, or you will…MISS OUT!” It is with these words that I typically close our school day at Henderson Mill. And it’s true, with so many exciting and engaging things going on every day, we hope your students will realize just how important coming to school is and truly want to be with us every day.

The same is true for you. So many of you joined us last week at our first PTA Spirit Night at Willie’s. We filled the restaurant with our school community, and they were so happy to have us. If you missed that, please know that there’s so much coming up at the end of the school year. What’s next? How about Career Day on May 3 rd or GA STEM Day on May 4 th ? We’ve got our field days coming up in mid-May, our Spring Concert on May 15th, and on May 19th , we’ll be gathering together from 11-2 on Saturday for the third annual eARTh Day Marketplace & Festival. There will be food, STEAM activities, and lots of STEAMy/Environmental student work for sale.

As you realize, we have a very active school community. At least twice a month, we give you a reason to gather with us for a performance, to celebrate learning, to break bread with us, to improve our facility, or to simply build community. We’re hoping that you, like your children will recognize that if you miss school, you will miss out! We’re looking forward to seeing you soon!

To quality relationships,
Mitch Green