A Message from the HMES Foundation

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The HMES Foundation is funding a renovation of the teacher’s lounge to make the space more usable, comfortable and efficient for our teachers. Not only will it be cleaner (yay!), it will have more countertop space and storage. I know that when we take care of our teachers and remove roadblocks to do their jobs, all of our kids benefit. This space is a worthwhile investment for all of us.

Last Saturday and Sunday, the lounge was cleaned out. Old cabinetry removed and tables/chairs gone. The ceiling was taken down, painted and put back up. Electrical work was completed so that the copiers and vending can be shifted for better use of space. Walls were primed and prepared for paint. One big trip to the landfill. Thank you to Judy Atvur, Diane Maslia, Elizabeth McDowell, Kristen Lopez, Meaghan Curry, Hannah Frazier, Allison Shirley, the Ross family, and Mitch Green for chipping in.

I need some parent help now.

We have walls that need painting this Saturday. Diane and Meaghan are committed to helping again, but I could use 4 additional parents to either roll paint or “cut in.” Supplies are already at the school. You can come for one hour or stay until finished….will take whatever amount of time you can give.  Sign up on MySchoolAnywhere!

Saturday 8 a.m. ?

Thank you!

Come help paint the teacher’s lounge on July 7!