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New Families

If you are new to HMES, please click the New Family button below to register with MySchoolAnywhere and join PTA. The dues are $5 per membership. Please purchase one membership per family member (e.g. one membership for you, one membership for your spouse, etc.).

HMES PTA New Family

Returning Families

If you are already registered with MySchoolAnywhere, please click the Returning Family button below to join PTA for the current school year.

HMES PTA Returning Family


Information about PTA

What is PTA?

The Henderson Mill Elementary School (HMES) Parent Teacher Association is part of the national, non-profit organization, governed by rules and by-laws, which provide a way for parents (and other family members) to get involved in their children’s education. We are led by volunteers and are accountable to parents and the school. We consist of an elected executive board, committee chairs, and paid members (parents, teachers, grandparents, aunts/uncles, and community members).

Who Can Join PTA?

Parents, teachers, relatives, and community members can join PTA. We want all families involved! We have learned that the main thing parents want from a school is to help their child succeed academically, emotionally, and personally.

PTA bridges the gap between home and school. Your own child (or children) benefits the most from your involvement with the PTA.

What Do My Dues Pay For?

Our dues include a small portion for the state and national PTA offices. In return, members receive access to valuable resources, information, and training.  Your dues entitle you to attend PTA meetings and vote on business matters such as the PTA Budget, Meeting Minutes, and/or changes in leadership. National PTA and Georgia PTA offer a variety of benefits from businesses and organizations. Use your PTA membership card to take advantage of these benefits. Visit for current offers.


2018-2019 PTA Meeting Minutes