HMES – First Day – August 1, 2021

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Welcome Back Henderson Mill Family!!

I am excited for a new school year and look forward to seeing all of you.  As we begin the start of the year, I would like to begin with a few reminders.

Wash Up, Mask Up and Back Up!! 

Face masks to be worn; social distancing; hand hygiene

We are so excited to start the school year off back in the building and will implement safety measures in our classrooms.  All staff and students are required to wear mask in the building.  We also highly encourage students to wash their hand and keep a safe distance from each other during school hours.  The health and safety of our Henderson Mill family is of utmost importance and the district will monitor and provide us with continuous updates.



Henderson Mill buses begin dropping off students at 7:00 am. Carpool begins immediately after buses have dropped off students.  All students are welcome to come and have breakfast at this time.  ALL students must be in their seats at 7:40 am. Students arriving after 7:45 am must be walked to the front porch of the building by a parent and signed in by scanning the QR code on the front door.  There is great teaching and learning going on in classrooms at the start of the day. We do not want your child to miss a minute of instruction, so please have your child here on time.

Carpool Safety  


Carpool drop off and dismissal should take place in one line.  Due to safety concerns, we ask all parents to remain in their cars during drop off and pick up.   Please prepare to wait in line before proceeding through the carpool line.  I encourage all parents to place your car seats on the back right side of the car so that all students can exit cars on the curb.  It is not safe for students to get out and walk around cars.

Please have your child prepared and ready to exit the car.  This really helps to speed up carpool drop off.  All students should remain in their cars until they reach the front of the building.

Kiss and Drop Zone

All Parents must “Kiss and Drop”. For health and safety reasons parents will NOT be allowed in the building.

Please be assured that your child will be in good hands. We will have teachers receiving and escorting students to their classes to ensure they arrive safely to class.

Closed Toed Shoes 

Closed Toe Shoes

We would also like all students to wear closed-toe shoes for both PE and recess. It is very dangerous for students to have their toes exposed during the day and closed-toe shoes will limit injuries.  I also encourage all students to bring a water bottle due to warm temperatures. Students can fill their water bottles throughout the day at our water fill stations.

The Student Checkout Process

If your child is leaving school for early checkout, please send a note that morning or contact your child’s teacher in ClassDojo. This will help your child’s teacher prepare for his/her transition.  Early checkout includes dentist or doctor visits, etc.

Using your phone, you must scan the QR code on the front entrance by the school buzzer.  No check-outs are allowed after 1:30, for the safety and accountability of all students.  Please return your child to school if their appointment is done before the school day is over.

Dismissal Procedures

We begin loading school buses at 2:15. School buses begin leaving the school starting at 2:25.   All PreK-2nd grade students must have an adult at the bus stop waiting for pickup.   Carpool will begin immediately afterwards. Please have your child’s carpool number displayed.

We ask all parents to remain in their cars during carpool pickup.  A staff member will escort your child to your car door. If you are buckling a child in the car, please pull forward to stop and buckle.  This slows down the carpool process.

Walkers will be picked up on the side of the building by the picnic tables on the same side as the gym.


We were excited to be back and look forward to a great year.