Mr. Green’s Letter – April 13, 2018

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Dear Henderson Mill Community, Leadership continues to be at the heart of what we do here at Henderson Mill every single day.  I’ve often spoken to you and our students about my words as I leave home every day: “Be a leader!” I firmly remind Lily and Nathan.  When meeting with students at school, Mrs. Clark and I often call upon students to do the same: to be responsible, to be respectful, and to show self-control.  By doing so, they are leading by example.  You too have risen to the challenge, helping us to raise nearly $63,000 in our annual March Mania Fundraiser!  This number not only exceeded our $50,000 goal, it was the most money that has been donated in our recent history.  Congratulations to all of us!  Quality leadership was demonstrated throughout from our core HMES Foundation volunteers who led the effort, to those who counted money every day, those involved in prize patrol on Wednesdays, our classroom teachers who motivated our students every day, and to all of us who made contributions to help fund our STEAM efforts and overall school improvement. Most recently, leadership led to some other great accomplishments:

  • Our kindergarten garden space in the front of our school has been cleaned up and enhanced with new planters, new high quality mulch, and new plantings by our students!
  • The old tennis courts have been cleaned up and are ready for the installation of new playground equipment that is set to be in place prior to the end of the school year, an additional playground space for our students!
  • STEAM Committee representatives joined me and one of our business partners to present at GA Tech’s CEISMC Conference where we were very well-received and have inroads for additional partnerships!
  • Ms. Tahtinen’s class made a connection with British artist John Dury.  Their student artwork can now be seen on his blog!

These are just a few examples of the great leadership that goes on here at Henderson Mill every single day, leadership from all levels: students, parents, teachers, and staff!  As our Foundation Board Members are often heard saying, strong schools make strong communities.  The same is true in reverse, strong communities make strong schools.  Thank you for being that strength and for joining us on this journey of continuous quality improvement.  Thank you for being a leader! For the children, Mitch Mitch Green Principal