Mr. Green’s Letter – February 9, 2018

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Dear Henderson Mill Community,

Last Friday I had the honor of welcoming guests from our community to tour our fantastic school. I shared many facts with them about our first in state STEAM certification, our educator tours, PBIS, the way we meet individual student needs through the workshop model, and how we, as a community, are aligned behind our vision.  What I think struck a chord with them most was the message of one of our PTA Co-Presidents, one that she not only shared that morning but also the night before at the Lakeside Cluster meeting, that Henderson Mill is such a happy place to be and how much everyone; students, teachers, and parents, enjoy being there every day.

It’s true, HMES is a wonderful place to be!  Our community is not only unified behind our STEAM vision but is also the most active community I’ve ever been a part of in my 22+ years in education.  Consider all of the events we have scheduled for the 2nd semester:  STEM Night last week, Variety Show tonight, Black History Event on 2/27, Fine Arts Night on 3/27, eARTh Day Marketplace on 4/21, Career Day on 5/3, and Spring Concert on 5/15.

Reality is that these top-notch events don’t just happen by themselves nor do picture days, our annual yearbook, STEM Day, or March Mania.  These events take you, our active and engaged parents, to make them a reality.  Your participation is not only appreciated, it is critical to our success.  If you’re new to HMES, please know that it’s time to jump in and let us know you’d like to help.  If you’ve been with us for a while but have not taken an active role, it’s time to step up your involvement.  Feel free to email me directly or contact PTA .  Very soon our PTA nominating committee will be looking for volunteers to serve on the board, to chair a committee, or to work with our fabulous teachers to lead an event.  So too, our HMES Foundation, dedicated to raising and directing funds to support our school’s vision and mission, will be looking for board members who can assist in these efforts.  There are few things in life more meaningful than supporting your children through an active role in their school.  Don’t just drop your kids off with us, invest in their schooling experience.  Get to know HMES, our second-to-none teachers and staff, on a whole new level.  Join us and be a part of us realizing our vision!

To meaningful collaboration,


Mitch Green