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School hours
Drop-off: 7:00am
Instruction begins: 7:00am
Tardy after: 7:45am
Dismissal starts: 2:15pm
Dismissal ends: 2:40pm
ASEDP starts: 2:30pm
ASEDPends: 6:00pm
HMES 101 – New Parent Guidebook

Click to Download.

2017-18 HMES 101 FINAL [PDF-3MB]

Welcome to a world of learning! At Henderson Mill Elementary School we strive to ensure that our children receive an excellent education. Our student body is diverse, with many different countries represented. Henderson Mill students do well and are recognized for their achievement in numerous activities representing the school. We earned state STEAM certification through the Georgia Department of Education in April 2017 becoming the first STEAM certified school in the state of Georgia. We invite you to visit one of the best schools in DeKalb County at Henderson Mill!

The mission of Henderson Mill Elementary is to educate each child through meaningful experiences which enhance their creativity, critical thinking, collaboration, and citizenship.

Our vision is that Henderson Mill Elementary will become a world-class, diverse STEAM school of globally-minded, creative, and highly motivated students. Partnerships among students, teachers, families, and the community will contribute to meaningful experiences, inspiring our students to dream big and reach their full potential.